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"I am pleased to say that your song Too Broke To Fix is my Song Of The Year Award winner. Congratulations!--it's fiery, rockin' and upbeat. So many times, it's been my "go-to" song on my show--it always sounds good, no matter where you put it. It's an inspired performance, and deserves lots of attention. It's an amazing debut, and a great way to serve notice to the world that Crooked Flower has arrived! "

-Mike Lidskin, KUBU 96.5 Sacramento


"'Crooked Flower brings us a nice reverby electric guitar behind a lovely harmonic female vocal and some catchy song structures that had my like at first listen, which is rare. 'Coming Back' is a soft rock ballad with a bit of ethereal synth for the rock electronic folks. 'Going Down The Highway' is a funky laid-back ditty reminiscent of Bonny Rait with a Kravitz-like beat. "-Jacqueline Smith Auguste, Across The Board



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Crooked Flower Logo In Space
Crooked Flower Logo In Space
Crooked Flower Logo In Space