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"Crooked Flower presents a fantastically diverse mix of alternative, trippy, damn near psychedelic rock with female tour de force Angie Dang leading the charge.


What separates Crooked Flower from an average band, therefore elevating them to a complete powerhouse is that in addition to Dang, the rest of the band matches her in intensity and musical prowess.


"You’d be best advised to check this band out. The courage of the band’s experimental nature is not too dissimilar to the out of left field sounds of Jane’s Addiction’s early work or the middle era of No Doubt. That’s high praise- but Crooked Flower deserve that and more."

-Joe Hughes, Alternative Nation



"With lyrics that are reflective and full of grit … the vocal talents of Angelina Dang and the musical arrangement together yield a standout and distinct sound that is distinctively Crooked Flower."

-toriamunoz, The Music Court



"Their sound is a breath of fresh air in the current music scene, as their songs are filled with life and melodies we can get into."
-Jane Lambert, Modern Mystery




"Though the essence of this group is a little softer than some of … the harder psychedelic rock of Deep Purple, …The Doors, Iron Butterfly, and Steppenwolf… the pallet is there, the texture of the music and the feel is there. It’s there in the vibration you get as you sway and absorb the music into every fiber of your being. It makes you want to move, to get in to the wave and lose yourself in another world.


The lead singer, Angelina Dang is remarkable. Her vocals are crystal clear and her tone is exceptional. She changes the texture of her vocals with each song and at times her range is elevated but she is always on target."

-Sherryl Craig, Nashville Music Group



"'Crooked Flower brings us a nice reverby electric guitar behind a lovely harmonic female vocal and some catchy song structures that had my like at first listen, which is rare."-Jacqueline Smith Auguste, Across The Board



"CF mix elements of rock, funk, and psychedelic with strong R&B vocals that’s very pleasing to the ear.  … sharp guitar work from Dan Ingberman, who compliments Angelina Dang’s smooth as silk vocal stylings … her soulful voice is perfectly suitable for Crooked Flower."
-Grady Owen, Shock Ya!



"Crooked Flower has got the psychedelic rock formula down pat. …The four-member band has the songwriting prowess of Spirit and the angst-drenched dynamism of The Breeders…’s made clear how integral the instrumentation is to the group’s success….there is an ongoing catharsis driven by the chemistry between guitar, drums, and keyboard."
- Gabe Kahan, Psychedelic Baby



"Crooked Flower …[is] not as minimalistic as a normal Avant Garde or an Experimental act yet, minimalistic in the sense different from the stereotypical Rock band…. This an Alternative Rock with marvelous talent and songwriting skills trying to merge every genre ranging from Indie Folk to Classic Country Music to create something that would appeal the wide collective of masses."
-Sooraj, Metal Centre



"Crooked Flower are natural crowd pleasers capable of twist and turns in their brand of rock that feels like a congregation dedicated to contemporary sounds and the decades that provide modernity its bedrock."
-Jonathan Frahm, for folk’s sake



"Angelina Dang’s sensual vocals, the hypnotizing guitar flair of Dan Ingberman, the persistent and entrancing bass of Daniel Erik, and the rich drumming style of Patrick Shields…


The band’s incorporation of different sounds prevents any strict label or genre from being slapped onto them, but that’s what makes them great."
-Bianca Obtinario, The Weekly Spoon



"The group had immediately drawn me in with their acoustic meets pysch sound...though what makes the band so different than the rest? Their passion which they infuse into each song."
-Emily Hinde, No Depression, The Journal of Roots Music



"Crooked Flower is something a bit different than the run of the mill pop rock band."
- thepaintedman, The Farsighted



"The band blends smoothly with tight riffs and rhythm. The vocals infuse with a feeling space as though one were lost and feeling their way through somewhere dark. "
-James Stickling, Artist View

Angelina Dang

Daniel Erik

Dan Ingberman

Will Kyriazis

Patrick Shields

Drew Southern



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Crooked Flower Logo In Space
Crooked Flower Logo In Space
Crooked Flower Logo In Space