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"Darkness and Light is a refreshing mix of psych rock, classic alternative, folky acoustic rock, and pop that manages to do many things well despite only having 4 tracks to showcase the band’s talents.


From beginning to end, the four song EP is strong. It’s well written, even more well performed, and extremely catchy. It is also worth noting that it is extremely pleasant on the ears, a very enjoyable experience throughout. From the incredible instrumentation to the simple quiet moments to the soaring beautiful vocals, Darkness and Light tends more to the light and is much better for it. A feel-good EP that’s sure to please those who give it a chance."

- thepaintedman, The Farsighted



"'On Darkness and Light we hear the band creating songs that are solid from start to finish. From the captivating sounds of "Moving On," to the melodic nature of "Boyfriend," it is safe to say that Crooked Flower is a band to watch for 2018. Yes they have a few other releases under their belt, but this time the band has truly outdone themselves. Listen up and listen in, as the band is about to take you for a wild ride."
-Emily Hind, No Depression, The Journal of Roots Music



"Darkness and Light is an intricate and experimentally produced EP that successfully flows into a unified sound. Darkness and Light excels as an alternative rock album...each song has been polished to produce a quality sound that separates itself from the last."
-Bianca Obtinario, The Weekly Spoon



"Crooked Flower is one of those acts that can do so many styles, so well, and Darkness and Light is a small taste of these skills."
-Dan MacIntosh, Antimusic



"Darkness and Light is well worth lending your ear to. It isn’t hard to comprehend why the band are rising stars ...this is indie psychedelic music very nearly at its finest. ... This ... 4-track EP is another success."
-Jonathan Frahm, for folk’s sake



"Darkness and Light is a guilty pleasure for any fans of wobbly bass, spacey reverb, and a lead guitar that seems to trudge through a river of glistening mud.


What puts this particular release above others in their class is the group’s ability (and audacity) to linger in the shoegazey fog of their instruments.


The release’s producers were right to give just as much attention to the foreground as the background—after all, it’s the details that takes any album from good to great."
-Gabe Kahan, Psychedelic Baby



"“Darkness and Light” …carries a pleasant 70’s style jam band vibe, with a twinge of psychedelic…. laidback and wistful… towards a more positive light."

-Robin Hess, Respect My Region



"‘Darkness and Light’ is spearheaded and gelled together by Angelina Dang’s raw vocals, the stories told are inspired by [the end of] a relationship and what lovers go through.  the vocals [have] sincerity and passion [and] the instrumentation of the EP is outstanding."
-Richardine Bartee, Grungecake



"Crooked Flower’s …ambitious 4-song EP, “Darkness and Light” blends a stunning combination of acoustic and psychedelic rock, delivering a refreshing sound to the table. On the release, standout tracks include outstanding tacks such as “Moving On,” and personal favorite, “Boyfriend.” As they add in a few elements from their inspirations such as The Grateful Dead, the Cure and the Pretenders, the group hones a unique sound that is very much their own. On “Darkness and Light,” we hear Crooked Flower making a name for themselves, as they share the most memorable release of their career."
-Jane Lambert, Modern Mystery



"The casual style of writing and vivid descriptions through the four track EP draws you in and keeps you listening."
-toriamunoz, The Music Court



"Crooked Flower has a brand-new EP Darkness And Light out this week, and you’re gonna want to spend the 24 minutes it takes to experience it in full....[and the] …variation that can be found across the EP’s whole; a welcoming gamut of dynamics fronted by an equally welcoming vocal presence from frontwoman Angie Dang."



"I’m digging it: a healthy mix between shoegaze, garage and Zeppelin? Sign me the fuck up. And at 23 minutes? It’s almost too short. … it’s a solid EP."
-BenJamsToo, The Fried Neckbones



"Consisting of four genre-bending tracks, it’s a safe bet to assume this killer collection of music will turn more than a few heads. If you have an insatiable fever for a fantastically diverse mix of alternative, trippy, damn near psychedelic rock with a female tour de force leading the charge, well- Darkness and Light may just be the cure you’ve been looking for!


Through four tracks lead singer Angelina Dang mesmerizes with her sultry, at times sassy, hypnotic voice. The guitar work ... solidifies guitarist Dan Ingberman’s status as a gun-slinger of a guitarist while the shuffling, funky rhythm section of bassist Daniel Erik and drummer Patrick Shields keep the tracks danceable and fun while holding down the fort."
-Joe Hughes, Alternative Nation



"Darkness and Light …is a four track exploration through the creative minds, sounds and seasoned musicianship of this talented and mind expanding collective.


With their newest release, Darkness and Light, Crooked Flower continue delivering high caliber musicianship, potent psych-rock vibes and an EP of songs which make the perfect background for a list of occasions: long drives, while working or doing house chores, just vibing out or simply satisfying your need for some classic-feeling but refreshing psychedelic sensations."
-Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music



"Crooked Flower take listeners through a series of their inner experiences over a psychedelic instrumental journey throughout their latest EP release, ‘Darkness and Light’.


Fusing modern instrumental sensibilities with atmospherics that send listeners down the rabbit hole of their own lives, Crooked Flower ignite an array of colors within throughout ‘Darkness and Light’. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Metric, No Doubt, Silversun Pickups and Tame Impala, then download your copy of ‘Darkness and Light’."
-Jessica Golich, Tattoo

Angelina Dang

Daniel Erik

Dan Ingberman

Will Kyriazis

Patrick Shields

Drew Southern



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Crooked Flower Logo In Space
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